320 x 240 voxel

Detection Range

- Safety model: 10m

Field Of View

- 100°(H) x 67°(V)


- Logistics vehicle obstacle detection and avoidance

- Robot objection

- Safety (hazard detection)

640 x 480 voxel

Detection Range

- indoor: 10m

Field Of View

- 92°(H) x 65°(V)


- Robot arm (Bin-Picking)

- Facial recognition (Security)

320 x 240 voxel

(under development)

Detection Range

- Outdoor : over 40m

- Indoor: 50m

Field Of View

- 30°(H) x 24°(V)


- Autonomous vehicle

- Hi-pass

- Slope measurement

(civil engineering, disaster, safety)


Robot Vision

It is used as a vision sensor for AGV, AMR, Bin-Picking robots and provides a universal vision control platform integrating them.


It detects the entry and exit of pedestrians and vehicles to increase convenience when moving the door, and counts the floating population and uses it for various data analysis.


Through sophisticated 3D scanning technology, it provides a solution to the existing security technology by grasping the movement of objects in real time while preventing privacy invasion.

Smart city

Combined with autonomous flying drones or unmanned surface boats, it effectively builds 3D models of features inside and around structures.


It implements a safe smart city traffic control system by detecting pedestrians in real time and accurately grasping the flow of transportation means.